Atlas of Postmortem Angiography

The TWGPAM members wanted to summarize their experiences concerning postmortem angiography. The Atlas of Postmortem Angiography resumes the work that has been done by the TWGPAM group.

This atlas provides a summary of the techniques developed to visualize the human vascular system, it shows the advantages and limitations of the different techniques, which are explained through examples from real cases and with a lot of informative images, and it gives recommendations concerning interpretation of radiological images.

The aim of the Atlas is to allow readers to start their own work in the field of PMA, or to ease and improve their practice in PMA.

Sections of the Atlas

  1. Introduction
  2. Postmortem Angiography
  3. Modern methods of Postmortem Angiography
  4. Radiological  Anatomy in Postmortem CT-Angiography
  5. Postmortem Angiography in cases of natural death
  6. Postmortem Angiography and clinical intervention
  7. Postmortem angiography and traumatic death
  8. Postmortem angiography – special aspects
  9. Postmortem angiography in teaching and clinical anatomy
  10. The added value of postmortem angiography
  11. Future prospects of postmortem angiography

The Atlas of Postmortem Angiography is published by Springer and is available since April 2016.

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