TWGPAM presentation

TWGPAM (Technical Working Group Post mortem Angiography Methods) is an international group of professionals dedicated to research in the field of post mortem angiography. Its aim is to cooperatively develop, evaluate and validate methods for post mortem angiography to facilitate and promote its widespread application.

The idea to create an international working group dedicated to postmortem angiography (PMA) arose in 2011 with the introduction of multiphase postmortem computed tomography (CT) angiography (MPMCTA) as a routine examination in the University Center of Legal Medicine Lausanne-Geneva (CURML). After having finished the project leading to the development of this standardized approach, a validation study was carried out, allowing evaluation of the methodology for use in different centers. This study led to the idea of creating a working group with representatives in different countries with the possibility of exchanging data and investigating a large number of cases for basic research and validation of MPMCTA. To identify the appropriate members, different research groups that are active and experienced in the field of postmortem radiology were contacted and invited to send a representative to the CURML and participate in a workshop demonstrating the method of MPMCTA and current knowledge. The idea of creating a working group and starting a multicenter validation study was presented during this event. Afterwards, the represented groups could declare their interest in participating in the multicenter study. Conditions for the groups were to make available a local research team including at least one board-certified forensic pathologist, one board-certified radiologist, and if possible, one radiographer. Each group was to have one representative for discussions in regular meetings and the possibility of exchanging data for the multicenter study. On February 2, 2012, the official creation of the group was celebrated with a kick-off meeting held in Lausanne, Switzerland.